David Koechner


David Koechner is in theaters, on television, online, in your dreams and on-stage in cities across the U.S. Koechner brings to his shows not just jokes and storytelling, but a whole lineup of unique characters that he’s developed over the years. Personalities include Gerald “T-Bones” Tibbons, a rangy carny who can match wits with senators or hobos; Roy, an obese gay man just looking for love; and Jokey, a highly impulsive jokester who thinks he’s the funniest guy at the office… or a funeral. In advance of the show, fans can see all of Koechner’s characters on his YouTube channel, Full On Koechner.


  • Sept 10-12 - Austin, TX @ Cap City Comedy Club - tickets
  • Sept 25 - Wellesley, MA @ Babson College
  • Oct 1-3 - Portland, OR @ Helium Comedy Club - tickets
  • Oct 15-16- Phoenix, AZ @ Stand Up Live - tickets
  • Nov 5-7 - Salt Lake City, UT @  50 West Club - tickets
  • Dec 3-5 - Webster, NY @ The Comedy Club - tickets
  • Dec 10-13 - Kansas City, MO @ KC Fat Fish Blue - tickets
  • Jan 21-23 - Norwich, CT @ Mohegan Sun Casino - tickets